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Baobab fruit powder

Neter Foods

You can find all our products for sale here under one roof. We sell baobab fruit powder, single origin turmeric, organic ginger, hand-pressed palm oil, pineapple vinegar and fermented locust beans. All our products are grown sustainably, with mindfulness and intent. We are conscious not only of the environment and ecology of the place they are grown, but also of the health and wellbeing of anyone who consumes our ingredients.

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Wood Pressed oil using native groundnuts and natural singlenorigin aromatics.
Our pineapples comes from our single origin organic plantation, we use the ancient art of wild fermentation using the most sweetest and aromatic of pi ...
Our organic Red Palm Oil has a rich, buttery texture and flavour.
Our turmeric is grown organically in Northern Nigeria by the famed southern Kaduna rhizome farmers. It is hand harvested, cleaned, sun dried and stone ...


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