Pineapple Vinegar


Our pineapples comes from our single origin organic plantation, we use the ancient art of wild fermentation using the most sweetest and aromatic of pineapples, This mild vinegar add a kick to vinaigrettes, salad dressings, shrubs, cocktails, beans and marinades.

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At Neterfoods we are proponents of the slow food movement

and with so many commercial vinegars being nothing more than white wine vinegar with flavorings this product is a testament of our commitment of giving our costomers the best whilst working in tandem with mother nature, naturally fermented from real ripened fruits brewed with love.

Raw, unpasteurized and packed full of all the goodness and of pineapple and unrefined cane sugar.brewed using Age old African wisdom of preservation.Additionally we age for some time before bringing to our shelves. Uses: tenderize meats,salad dressings, shrubs, picking brine.


Wood Pressed oil using native groundnuts and natural singlenorigin aromatics.


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